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Exploration Mining Services in Canada

Looking to explore your concession? Our team at Brewster Well Drilling works alongside various mining companies to providing exploration, production and mine service drilling. Canada is home to many areas with untapped resources. Our experienced engineers and technicians create custom solutions to fit your specific job. Our team has access to top-of-the-line equipment and drilling tools to access any remote areas in Canada.

When researching an area, there is a fine line between getting an adequate sample to run further tests on and keeping the surrounding areas undisturbed. Our team uses the right tools for the job to tackle any areas with unique complications. With our equipment, we can obtain samples that are not contaminated and can be used to further understand what is beneath the surface.

Mining Exploration Drilling Techniques

Our team works with our clients to make sure that the job is handled with accuracy and efficiency. We offer three distinct services to collect a substantial sampling of what the soil and rock has below.
  • Rotary Air-Blast Drilling – Rotary-percussion air drilling is the simplest and most economical solution for taking the first steps in mining exploration. Performed using a triblade or down-the-hole hammer; of varying diameters between 3 and 6.0 inches, samples exit along the borehole walls. This technique is used to get an overall idea of the mining potential for low cost sites. To obtain contamination-free samples, we must rely on reverse circulation or diamond core drilling techniques.

  • Reverse Circulation Drilling (RC) – Reverse circulation drilling (RC) is a drilling technique that allows samples to be retrieved with minimal contamination. Drilling is typically done using a down-the-hole, tricone, or triblade bit. The samples travel through rods to a sample splitter at surface, avoiding all contact between the samples and the borehole wall. This quick execution technique is usually performed within a diameter of 150 mm and a depth that varies between 50 and 200 meters.

  • Diamond Core Drilling (DD) – Diamond core drilling is used in the mining industry to probe the contents of known deposits and potential mining sites. By removing a small diameter of rock from the deposit, geologists can analyze the core through chemical dosage and use the rock for petrographic, structural, and mineralogical studies.

  • Blast Hole / Production Drilling – This type of drilling consists of digging cavities within the rock walls in order to insert dynamite. Fast and efficient, this technique allows blasters to perform their work quickly with precision. Drilling is available in several diameters and depths according to the customer's needs.

  • Grade Control Drilling – Using reverse circulation drilling techniques and advanced sample splitting and recovery systems our grade control drills can provide samples helpful to differentiate ore and waste rock maximizing the profitability of your mining operations.

Speak with our team today and ask about our rotary air blast, reverse circulation and diamond core drilling options. We are always available to talk with our clients about exploration mining in Canada and abroad.

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