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Why Choose an Artesian Well ?

When your house cannot be connected to city water, having access to water becomes a vital concern. In Nova Scotia, the client usually has the choice between an Artesian Well or a Surface Well. The artesian well is bored using a drilling rig. This well is narrow, usually more than 15 meters deep and draws from ground water. The surface well however, is shallow and wide. It is usually dug using a backhoe and is fed by surface water.

Brewster Well Drilling offers only artesian well drilling services, as we believe that it is the best option in most cases and will advise you if it is not depending on the local geology.
An artesian well :

  • Provides a clean, stable and reliable source of water all year long.
  • Increases real estate value
  • Yields more water compared to surface wells
  • Low contamination risk
  • Low maintenance

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