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Our Geothermic Method

Geothermal drilling and heat pump systems being two distinct technologies, you will need the services of both a heat pump supplier/installer as well as the expertise of a geothermal drilling specialist.

This is where Brewster Well Drilling comes into play. Our many years of experience ensures the success of your drilling project, and an installation guaranteed to meet the highest industry standards. As the initial financial investment of such a project is considerable, it is important to be surrounded by a solid team of geothermal drilling experts. This is what you will find at Brewster Well Drilling.

Installations vary by country and province. Typically casing is installed and sealed into bedrock or into sand and gravel layers overlying the bedrock. Drilling continues into the bedrock or sand and gravel layers until sufficient quantities of water are observed through bail testing. Once the well has been constructed it is developed to remove sediment and increase the yield. Following the development process the drill tooling is removed and the well is disinfected. . In order to install your water well, or to improve an existing water well system, get in touch with our experienced and reliable team at Brewster Well Drilling.

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