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Exploration Drilling

Looking to explore your concession? Our team at Brewster Well Drilling works alongside various mining companies to provide production and exploration drilling. Canada is home to many areas with untapped resources. Our experienced engineers and technicians create custom solutions to fit your specific job. Our team has access to top-of-the-line equipment and drilling tools to access any remote areas in Canada and abroad.

When researching an area, there is a fine line between getting an adequate sample to test for different things and keeping the surrounding areas undisturbed. Our team uses the right tools to tackle any areas with unique complications. With our equipment, we can obtain samples that are not contaminated and can be used in order to further understand what lies beneath the surface.

Explore your concession with Brewster Well Drilling. Collaborating with various mining firms, we offer both production and exploration drilling. Canada boasts numerous untapped resources, and our skilled engineers devise tailored solutions with cutting-edge equipment, ensuring accessibility to remote areas in Canada and beyond.

Why Choose Brewster Well Drilling?

Why choose Brewster Well Drilling? Sampling demands precision—balancing adequate testing while preserving the environment. We utilize specialized tools for uncompromised samples, revealing subsurface secrets. Our services include:

- Rotary Air-Blast Drilling: Economical and ideal for initial mining exploration, it provides a broad understanding of mining potential. For pure samples, however, we employ reverse circulation or diamond core drilling.
- Reverse Circulation Drilling (RC): Ensures minimal sample contamination with samples going through rods, avoiding borehole wall contact.
- Diamond Core Drilling (DD): Analyzes known deposits through small diameter rock extractions, invaluable for diverse geological studies.
- Blast Hole/Production Drilling: Precise and swift, designed for inserting dynamite at various depths.
- Grade Control Drilling: Maximizes mining profitability by distinguishing ore from waste using advanced sampling techniques.

Brewster Well Drilling stands out in exploration drilling for our sample quality, speed, eco-friendly approaches, and vast equipment fleet. Our seasoned operators maintain our reputation for safety and excellence. Looking for top-tier exploration drilling? Contact Brewster Well Drilling, with branches in Halifax and St. John's, serving global clients.

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