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Municipal and Industrial Drilling

Municipal and industrial clients recognize Brewster Well Drilling as the company able to offer them expertise and reliability when it comes to getting access to a water supply. Below is a list of common services we provide:

- Conducting comprehensive groundwater research to understand the availability and quality of underground water resources.
- High capacity well drilling to access and utilize large volumes of groundwater for various applications.
- Well rehabilitation services to restore the functionality and efficiency of existing wells.
- Installation of piezometers to monitor groundwater levels and pressure.
- Soil sampling to assess the physical and chemical properties of the soil and determine its suitability for various purposes.
- Conducting pumping tests to evaluate the performance and capacity of wells.
- Hydrogeological studies to understand the distribution and movement of groundwater.
- Water analysis to assess the quality of groundwater and ensure it is safe for use.

We have offices in Halifax, Nova Scotia and St. John's, Newfoundland and serve clients around the world.

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