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Water Analysis: Know What's in Your Water

In today's world, the importance of water quality cannot be overstated. Water is fundamental to life and its quality directly affects our health and well-being. For those relying on well water for their daily needs, it is crucial to ensure that the water is safe and clean. At Brewster Well Drilling, we provide comprehensive well water testing, including physiochemical and bacteriological analysis.

Physiochemical analysis involves testing the water for physical and chemical properties such as pH, hardness, presence of heavy metals, and other contaminants. This is crucial because the presence of harmful chemicals can lead to serious health issues.


Bacteriological analysis, on the other hand, involves testing the water for harmful microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and parasites. These organisms can cause diseases and other health problems. Regular testing of well water is essential as the quality of water can change over time due to various factors like contamination of the water source, leaching of chemicals from the soil, and the presence of harmful microorganisms.


At Brewster Well Drilling, we provide accurate and reliable water testing services to ensure that your water is safe for consumption and other uses. We recommend that well water be tested every spring and fall season, or when you notice any changes in it's smell, taste, colour etc.

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