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Caisson Drilling

Using advanced equipment, we can create caissons by drilling large holes filled with steel-reinforced concrete for load distribution below the surface.

Caisson drilling and caissons are used when shallow foundations are not viable due to poor soil. They transfer loads to competent bedrock or soils, with additional capacity achieved by creating bedrock sockets.


At Brewster Well Drilling, dual rotary drills and steel casing are used to hold back loose or caving soils when necessary. The casing can be removed or left in place after concrete placement, depending on site conditions.

Concrete is pumped using a 4” tremmie pipe to avoid material segregation. If water is present in the caisson, concrete is pumped from the bottom to displace water and maintain the water-cement ratio.

Seeking Caisson Drilling Companies? Choose Brewster Well Drilling, trusted by Canadian construction contractors. Specialized drillers with the necessary equipment and knowledge are crucial for engineering design conformance.

If your project requires caissons, contact us at our Halifax, Nova Scotia or St. John's, Newfoundland offices. We have the experience, engineering knowledge, and heavy-duty equipment necessary to construct large diameter caissons.

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