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Micropile Drilling

Using dual rotary equipment, Brewster Well Drilling is capable of installing these small-diameter drilled and grouted piles in almost any geological formation. Micropiles consist of a small-diameter hole with a central steel anchor that is bonded to the rock structure below with a pressure-pumped, high-strength grout. The steel member transfers loads in both compression and tension to the formation through the composite bond between the rock and high-strength grouting material. In the end, steel micropiles can support 2000kn or more!

The dual rotary equipment we use enables us to case off friable or unstable material prior to the grouting process to ensure no debris inadvertently falls into the hole during the grouting procedure. Specially designed cement grouts and high performance additives enable us to deal with challenging geology and groundwater. The meticulous care we take during installation is one reason why construction contractors repeatedly call Brewster Well Drilling for micropile drilling in Canada.

Whether your project calls for the stabilization of bridges, highways, buildings or any other structure in any type of soil, get in touch with Brewster Well Drilling for precise and efficient micropile drilling in Canada. We have offices in Halifax, Nova Scotia and St. John's, Newfoundland. You’ll see why our clients have trusted our expertise for years throughout the country.

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