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Hollow Bar Micropiles

Hollow bar micropiles are installed in difficult geological conditions to build high capacity piles or anchors. A continuously threaded steel bar is drilled into the ground with a sacrificial bit. Flushing water or cement is used to evacuate cuttings from the hole during drilling. Once the target depth is achieved a finish cement is pumped down the centre of the hollow bar and forced into the surrounding formation and up hole to fully encapsulate the hollow bar.

Hollow bars can achieve very high tensile and compressive loads and be installed with compact equipment which makes them suitable for any site and any geological condition encountered.

Our staff are able to assist with design, planning, installation and testing of hollow bar micropile systems for your project.

Contact us for micropile drilling services in, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, West Africa, Bermuda and the Caribbean.

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