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Rock Anchors

Rock and soil anchors are crucial for the construction and stabilization of infrastructure like buildings, bridges, or slopes, as they counteract tensile loads and prevent collapses. Brewster is a seasoned company equipped with modern tools and extensive knowledge to manage anchoring projects in any geological formation.

Our skilled team helps with the design, planning, installation, and testing of anchoring systems, including passive and pre-stressed bar or cable anchors, and hollow bar installations. We offer customized solutions by assessing the geological conditions, soil and rock properties, load requirements, and environmental conditions to recommend the most appropriate anchoring system, ensuring the structure's stability and safety.

We also use advanced testing methods, routine inspections, and maintenance to guarantee the performance, reliability, and long-term stability of the installed anchors.

Brewster is dedicated to providing quality and reliable anchoring solutions. Our holistic approach, technical expertise, and modern equipment guarantee the success of any anchoring project, regardless of its complexity or geological conditions.

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